We’ve all heard about “weathering”. Based on what I’ve seen on the internet (and some that I’ve done), weathering HO scale rolling stock is more art than science. There are many weathering methods and you will find that each weathering artist has a technique that varies from his fellow artists. Also, there are many different weathering products available. You may end up using a spectrum of products such as enamels, acrylics and powders or you may just use acrylics and powders.

weathering ho scale rolling stock - coal carThe attached picture shows a coal car I weathered as follows:

(1) air brush a “grayish” acrylic to make the car appear oxidized,

(2) brush on rust colored acrylic on seams,

(3) use rust / ocher color powder to enhance rust on car,

(4) use a paint pen / stick (or a “Q tip”) to color wheels (sides only, do not paint where wheel contacts track),

(5) seal acrylic / powder with spray matte finish,

(6) if desires, reapply some rust / ocher / powers over matte to simulate particulate grim,

(7) paint a dab or two of rust on the coupler, and

(8) paint silver on the tip of the coupler hose.

Pretty simple and it adds some “depth” to your rolling stock. If you would like additional information about weathering you can go here.

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