A link to my eBay sales is in the right hand margin of this post and on the main page of this website. Click on the link to see all the train items I have available for sale on eBay! Keep reading if you would like to get a 7.5% discount off the eBay list price.

My sales on eBay have been moving along pretty well. I did not, however, know the eBay commission was THAT high (gulp)! So, if you see one of my items on eBay and contact me on this website (leave a comment on this post with your email) to make purchase arrangements directly with me,  you will get a 7.5% discount off the items eBay purchase price. The discount will apply only to the item’s purchase price and not to shipping. While we’re communicating, we may also be able to work out less expensive shipping.

If there are enough purchases through this website, I will re-open the store. For now, the store is closed due to lack of interest.

OK? Let me know if you have any questions or issues. Thanks – Jay

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