Visit to Steamtown National Historic Site

Posted on May - 31 - 2015

Until a year ago, I didn’t know this truly unique National Historic Site (NHS) existed. My wife and I were visiting friends in Mountaintop, PA, when it was suggested we take a trip to Steamtown. Steamtown NHS, located in Scranton, PA, has many locomotives on display for your viewing and photographing pleasure. I was like a kid in a hobby shop! You can get right up close to these behemoths and photograph all the details you like.

Steamtown 2-8-0 ICRR No. 790

ALC 2-8-0 Consolidation type locomotive. Illinois Central Rail Road No. 790.

Here’s a picture of Steamtown’s American Locomotive Company 2-8-0 Consolidation type last operated as Illinois Central No. 790. (The dapper chap in the picture is my friend John.)



Steamtown Nickle Plate Road GP-9 Locomotive No. 514

Steamtown Nickle Plate Road GP-9 Locomotive No. 514


We also took a ride around the Scranton area on a train pulled by Nickel Plate Road GP-9 No. 514. While on the train I snapped a picture of some tracks in Scranton not far from the NHS. (Notice the detail in the tracks that is difficult to reproduce when modeling in HO scale.)

Tracks in Scranton, PA, just outside Steamtown

Scranton, PA, tracks near Steamtown

Steamtown UP "Big Boy" No. 4012

UP BIG BOY No. 4012

A good time was had by all, but it would not be complete without taking a peek at “BIG BOY”! Sitting on the tracks just outside the exhibit area at Steamtown is the legendary Union Pacific articulated 4-8-8-4 locomotive built by the American Locomotive Company. I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

It would be remiss for me to fail to mention that this very brief trip report doesn’t even scratch the surface on all the exhibits and train memorabilia available at Steamtown. If you are planning a trip that takes you anywhere near Scranton, PA, you should definitely schedule a stop at Steamtown NHS.

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