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Before we get to the specifics of cleaning and lubricating your locomotive, allow me to point out several matters you need to consider before going to work. Many train gears are made of plastic. Plastic gears will be damaged if the wrong lubricant is applied. Likewise, using the wrong lubricant around the locomotives electrical components can lead to poor performance, damage and, possibly, NO performance.

Educate yourself on the proper lubricants. I know of at least two products lines available:

(1) “Labelle” has a line of lubricants that have been used by model railroaders for years. The Labelle line of lubricants includes 102, 106, 107 and 108 that are specifically formulated to address the concerns noted above. Look here for more information.

(2) Nano Lube / Nano Oil. I have not used this product only because I was unaware of it when I purchased my lubricants, but it is recommended by several knowledgeable model railroaders. Look here for more information.

The following videos offer good advice for cleaning and lubricating your DC locomotives.

How to Clean and Lubricate your DC locomotive –
And another video about cleaning and lubricating –


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