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repairing ho scale locomotives at J-Trax Trainstore(A GE U28B.)

This is where we get serious about repairing HO scale locomotives. We will soon need to recognize the distinctions between DC versus DCC locomotive operations, maintenance and repair. Before we get into the details of working on DC versus DCC equipment, let’s make sure we have a good understanding and background in HO scale operations. A good spot to do that is here. (Make sure you scroll down the page to get a good look at the additional links that will take you to some fine websites.)

Some of the things – like oiling the gears and motors, cleaning the wheels, and cleaning the track – are similar in DC and DCC operations. Differences start to appear in power supplies, controllers and digital control devices when we go from DC to DCC. The added equipment in DCC results in some complications and added expense, but you get more capabilities (better speed control, operation of more than one (1) locomotive on a track, etc.) and can ultimately add remote control and sound to your train.

I have found it difficult to say I prefer one method over another. I have some very nice, smooth running pieces of DC equipment that I wouldn’t change (convert to DCC that is). On the other hand, DCC control and sound make DCC operations very interesting. Like me, the reader may determine that a layout with both styles is just fine! My focus, however, is not on the layout at all, but on the equipment that runs on the tracks.Tracks leading to repairing ho scale locomotives at J-Trax Trainstore

Next are a couple videos explaining some differences between DC and DCC.

Many are familiar with DC because it has been around for a long time. Because DCC is relatively new fewer know about it. Click here for introductory information about DCC. There is a lot more information available on the internet about both DC and DCC.

Now that we have an idea of DC vs. DCC let’s move on. Click here for repairing DC HO scale locomotives and here for repairing DCC HO scale locomotives. Click here for work applicable to both.

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