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Summertime means travel time for many of us. It also means getting together with friends and family. My family reunion was in Patton, PA this year, so I took the opportunity to visit both the Horseshoe Curve and the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum. Visiting the heart of where the Pennsylvania  [ Read More ]

San Diego Model Railroad Museum

Posted by Hotel7 on July - 3 - 2015

To put it mildly, winter in Minnesota can be long. If you get an opportunity to go somewhere warm…you take it. My wife and I were invited to a wedding in San Diego during February so we made the most of it. Six days away from the cold and an  [ Read More ]

Sound on a Digitrax DCC Decoder

Posted by Hotel7 on June - 16 - 2015

I have mentioned that the hobby of HO train modeling has had a renaissance thanks to the dawn of the digital age. That means, of course, that you have to invest in DCC control equipment (primarily a controller and a decoder). Decoders can be either sound capable or not. In  [ Read More ]

Visit to Steamtown National Historic Site

Posted by Hotel7 on May - 31 - 2015

Until a year ago, I didn’t know this truly unique National Historic Site (NHS) existed. My wife and I were visiting friends in Mountaintop, PA, when it was suggested we take a trip to Steamtown. Steamtown NHS, located in Scranton, PA, has many locomotives on display for your viewing and  [ Read More ]

Weathering HO Scale Rolling Stock – A Coal Car

Posted by Hotel7 on May - 28 - 2015

We’ve all heard about “weathering”. Based on what I’ve seen on the internet (and some that I’ve done), weathering HO scale rolling stock is more art than science. There are many weathering methods and you will find that each weathering artist has a technique that varies from his fellow artists.  [ Read More ]

HO Scale Trains LED Light

Posted by Hotel7 on May - 16 - 2015

I seem to enjoy having lights on my HO scale locomotives whether they are DC or DCC. With DC, however, the lights are just “on” (unless you build a small switch into the circuit – which can complicate things). DCC allows you several lighting options such as “forward light on”,  [ Read More ]

Your HO Scale Locomotive Information Center

Posted by Hotel7 on May - 11 - 2015

Thanks for visiting! I recently took several WordPress courses on-line. To reaffirm the things I learned in class, I thought it would be a challenge develop a website. I picked a topic I enjoy – HO Scale Trains. My goal is to provide a lot of HO scale locomotive information  [ Read More ]

First HO Scale Locomotive Kit Project – ALCO RS3

Posted by Hotel7 on May - 11 - 2015

It’s sometimes funny to find out how much you don’t know! And sometimes not so funny. I found out that finding out how much you don’t know takes a whole lot of time. (Skip to the last sentence of this post if you want to know how long.) My first  [ Read More ]

Better Running HO Scale Trains

Posted by Hotel7 on April - 27 - 2015

It is my expectation that you are here because you want better running HO scale trains. You’ve come to the right place. I re-started in the HO scale train hobby just a couple years ago. When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, my dad introduced me to  [ Read More ]

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